Customize and Create YOUR Skin Care!

Personalized Skin Care and Grooming Solutions Designed for YOU!

The name “DVINITI” is derived from the word “divinity” and takes on the meanings “Divine” and “Creator.”  DVINITI was founded on the philosophy that beauty is defined by the individual - not corporations.  Personal Care (“PC”) campaigns solicit consumers with “one size fits all” beauty ads.  Beauty brands compete to solicit consumers with enhanced images and misleading claims about product functionality.  Exploitation of the modern consumers’ pursuit of youthful appearance to gain market share is pervasive and goes unchecked.  

According to DVINITI’s philosophy, beauty is found in the act of taking care of oneself.  By emphasizing the verb “care” over the descriptor “beauty” we substantiate the notion that being beautiful is an attainable action as opposed to a subjective adjective; a simple grammatical shift and ambitious call to action.  DVINITI facilities - “Design Studios” - will enable customers to personalize products, providing the unprecedented customer experience of producing a professionally designed, tailored skin care.  By educating customers of ingredients and personal care formulation science DVINITI will facilitate the discovery of solutions, antiquating the search of the “fountain of youth” in a bottle.  In creating a more informed consumer and transferring ownership of beauty to our customer base - we aspire to live up to the integrity of the name, DVINITI Skin Care, by CREATING SOLUTIONS to take care of the skin.


DVINITI offers customers the unique experience of designing their very own skin care formulas. Each custom design includes a one-on-one consultation to understand more about your specific skin care needs.  You may choose from a variety of base formulation offerings of natural oils like almond, grape seed, and aloe vera oil. From there you can customize your skin care product with the essential oil active ingredients that will provide the skin care solutions and enhancements you desire. Track your progress over time to be sure you get results you want to see!  Getting started is simple, just add "CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM BLEND" to your order and once submitted you will be given a form to complete and begin the process. To design your own base add the "CHEMIXTRY Custom Solutions."