DVINITI Women’s Package 1: FLOWER GIRL Face & Body Oil

DVINITI Women’s Package 1: FLOWER GIRL Face & Body Oil

Directions:  For FLOWER GIRL Clarifying Oil: Apply a few drops to clean, damp skin one to two times per day.  For FLOWER GIRL Body Oil: Use daily on clean, damp... Learn More



DVINITI Women’s Package 2: FLOWER GIRL Total Face & Body Package

Contains two body oils (plain and floral bottle versions), lip balm, body melt, with facial or body scrub  Learn More




Directions: Apply to clean, damp skin and massage into your skin until absorbed. Use daily as needed. Formulated to help moisturize and soften rough, dry skin.  This special blend of... Learn More


FLOWER GIRL Exfoliating Gift Set Package

FLOWER GIRL Exfoliating Gift Set Package

Contains FLOWER GIRL Body Melt with Lip Balm and your choice of either the organic cane sugar scrub, the pink Himalayan sea salt scrub or both. Note/: See descriptions of... Learn More



Foaming Cleanser - Aquaburst All Natural Cleanser

Directions: Use as needed to remove oils, dirt and debris from the face and neck area. Ingredients: Castile Soap, Glycerin, Water, Tree tree, Juniper, Pine, Lavender, Geranium. 8oz/250ml Learn More


Hydrating facial toner and serum - oil free

Directions: Apply a few drops on clean damp skin. Best used with the FLOWER GIRL Clarifying facial oil.    Formulated to deep clean your pores and create the appearance of... Learn More