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Best of Philly 2021 natural skin care

Best of Philly 2021 natural skin care Philadelphia



Owner Marquita Robinson-­Garcia crafts her all-natural plant-based skin-care solutions right here in Philly and carries everything from body oils to hair and scalp serums. Want to customize your own regimen? Opt for the in-house Chemixtry lab.

1500 Locust Street suite 3801, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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A trusted product, a trusted brand!
“The Flower-Girl Clarifying Facial oil is special to me due to the fact that it truly is all-natural and I am able to keep my skin clean and clear of acne or breakouts.  I struggle with adult acne and in my line of work it is extremely important to keep my skin clear and healthy looking everyday!  As a model I have used and tried many skin care and beauty products so I know quality when I see it!  Show biz can cause skin damage but using DVINITI products i know my skin is taken care of!  I even like to use the clarifying facial oil as a make-remover.  It gently clear away stuck on mascara and eye liner without skin abrasion and constant wiping.  I strongly recommend adding this oil to your daily skin care routine!  It has work wonders for me!”  - Vanessa Elise Baker, Former Miss New Jersey USA, 3/3/19

Results in days!
“I’ve been using this product for only 2 days and have already seen changes in my dry scaly skin. I only use it at night before bed. I can only imagine the results if I used twice daily! Not to mention this oil smells so good! I will definitely be reordering and adding this permanently to my daily skin care regiment!”  - Annie, 2/6/19

Simply amazing!
“Absolutely in love with this oil.. I apply it morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth without leaving behind an oily residue! The oil absorbs perfectly into your skin while your skin is freshly clean and still damp. The smell is soothing and pure. I've had my bottle for about a month now and it still practically full! Also love the added rose buds, they really add to the all-natural concept that DVINITI is known for.”  - Alexis, 11/24/18

Didn’t mess up my spray tan!
“I love the flower girl oil - it is literally the only oil I know of so far that doesn't interfere with my spray tan or cause my tan to fade! I had very dry skin this winter and had been feeling itchy. The flower girl body oil saved the day! After just one use I noticed my skin didn't itch and wasn't scaly. I love the smell and the way it feels. This will certainly be on my list of favs and going to be a part of my daily skin care routine! thank you DVINITI!”  - B. Gaut, 3/3/19

I’m a believer!
“I’ve always been scared of facial oils due to my oily skin... But this stuff, this stuff right here... I’m a believer in facial oils now. I love this one particularly because its natural and I can enjoy the benefits of natural, clean products on my face and keep my skin clear and smooth! LOVE IT!”  - Tiffany S., 1/5/19

TLC for your skin
“After wearing make up I like to give my skin a little TLC with the FLOWER GIRL facial oil!i am so stuck on this product. After using it my skin is very smooth and soft. It smells amazing & the real flowers in the oil make it feel like I'm giving my skin a whole Garden of Eden treatment!”  - Tara C., 10/16/18

The glow is real!
“I am absolutely obsessed with the FLOWER GIRLS Clarifying facial Oil, it saved my skin!  Not only is it lightweight and clears up acne overnight but its beautiful and smells amazing!  I can't say enough good things about DVINITI and their products!  If you haven't given the facila oil a try I 10/10 recommend it.  IT;S LIFE CHANGING!  This facial oil is absolutely amazing- A NEW FAVORITE. I can't wait to try out the hair oils too - next purchase!!!”  - Bailie Campbell, 10/12/18

Beautiful glory skin
“I cannot put into words how much I love this product. Its left me speechless! I feel I have always had good skin thanks to good genes but this flower girl oil has just raised the bar. My skin has gotten so much more beautiful, it has evened up my dark spots and even dark circles. This oil also helps with breakouts. My skin is radiant and just naturally glowing. Even when I wear no makeup my skin looks stunning, it's more the days that I don't wear makeup than the days I do and I walk out the door bare-faced with confidence. This flower girl oil has also made my routine much more simple and allows me to have more time in the morning because of its just one step! It also smells beautiful, not too strong! My skin is dry combo in case that helps anyone. I suggest this product to anyone who wants to switch over tho natural skincare that gives you a beautiful glow!”  - Natasha O, 10/13/18



Saved my lips from winter cracking
“I've been using this lip balm every single day and I love it so much! It's very moisturizing and keeps my lips conditioned through the harsh, cold weather! A must buy if you want to improve your skin and not just cover with gloss - you will be pleased!”  - Remington Lee, 1/5/19

Moisturized and glossed
“The rose gold lip balm keeps my lips super moisturized. It's not like a typical lip balm that dries your lips out. I apply it right before bed and wake-up with my lips feeling extremely moisturized. The color is also gorgeous.”  - Bella, 11/27/18


Elegant aroma and smooth texture
“I loved the FLOWER-GIRL body melt when i first tried it! My brother purchased this product as a gift for me, I never really thought about using natural products until now but I am certainly going to incorporate DVINITI products in my daily routine. I also really appreciate the service from DVINITI. My package was had been opened and some of the items were missing DVINITI resolved the matter at once! I will continue to be a loyal customer - great products and great service, can't go wrong here!“  - Tammy, 1/5/19

My daughter stole mine!
“I received my body melt as a Christmas gift and was very pleased with the presentation and packaging! The aroma and texture of the body melt is really amazing - not greasy at all and absorbs nicely to leave a conditioned glow - I love the subtle floral scent as well. When my daughter got a hold of the product - she tried it,,, I have not seen my package since then! I will need to order my second package so I can use what was intended as my gift!!!! great products!”  - Jenneh Smith, 1/5/19

My fave moisturizer
“Flower Girl Melt has been apart of my daily skin routine for about a month now. All I have to say is that the melt dissolved quickly into skin offering superb moisture and the scent is just right... love it! This product has mos def become a personal fave.”  - Tiffany Sutcliffe, 1/5/19 

A miracle for dry skin
“I have super dry skin and usually after a few hours the moisture doesn’t last but with this one my skin feels so soft and smooth all day. It also helps get rid of my breakouts and prevents them from coming back. Honestly a 10/10.  - Sara E, 10/12/18



The real deal!
"I just wanted to thank you for the “Ouch Be Gone”. This product is the “Real Deal”! I use it before and after I go to the gym to prevent soreness or stiffness. “Ouch Be Gone” has made my yard work enjoyable again. Not only do I cut my own lawn (half acre) with a push mower, but I also cut my neighbors lawn which is about a full acre without discomfort. By the way, I’m 60 years young. I will continue to support your business because all of your products are a gift from God!"  - Ahmad Jamal, 6/14/18

Works wonders!
"This oil really works to relieve my chronic pain. I use it daily and I won't go a day without it! I was able to get off of pain medications - I love that I can use a natural oil instead of constantly relying on pharmaceutical meds which have negative side effects. The Ouch be gone keeps me pain free and i can get up and keep moving to keep up with my family and young granddaughter! Certainly enhances my quality of life."  - Ana Rivera, 4/19/18


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Amazing! Fast results!
“I had this super dry spot on my leg from BC and your oil is clearing it up in only three days! Like I’m amazed and in Awe, I’ve tried everything when I first discovered it about two months ago and nothing worked but I put your oil on it since the day after I received it and it’s almost all healed up! Will be sharing this with family and friends for sure! Thanks for the great products”!  - Jade Edwards, 6/2/18

Loving my all-natural Flower Girl Skin Glow!
”I love the way my skin feels using FLOWER GIRL! I apply every night after cleaning my skin and wake up with supple skin - The aroma is soothing and relaxing and when using FLOWER GIRL its like visiting the spa everyday!  My skin has always been clear and i don't have major problems - but it is reassuring to know that DVINITI creates fresh skin care that is natural and now I can use something with clean ingredients!”  - Simone Brannock 4/18



“Healthy scalp means healthy hair! With the essential oils in this blend, it works miracles! You’ll be just as surprised as I was. My scalp has never felt better. No itch! No dandruff! And my hair feels thick and full! Amazing amazing amazing! Thank you Dviniti!”  - Michael Silva, owner of Silva Hair & Company

Michael Silva, Cosmetology Specialist/Barber
Owner, Silva Hair and Company - Wilmington, DE
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Five stars.  Amazing!
“I have been using this product for more than 30 days and I am pleasantly surprised by the results. I noticed that my edges are growing back. This product is infused with essential oils that not only leaves my hair looking healthy but it has a pleasant scent. The product is by far the best hair serum I’ve used.”  - Denise Silva
Five stars.  Fabulous!
“I have been using this product for slightly over two months on my over-tweezed eyebrows and I am actually beginning to see some results to my delight! Also, although I do not have any scalp issues, it serves as a wonderful scalp massage serum. Does not leave my hair greasy nor pasty, and has a lovely scent. Best of all, contains only NATURAL ingredients!”  - Jenny
We love Dviniti Skin Care!
“My husband and I enjoy using the all natural products from DVINITI and best of all we appreciate that fact that they work.  My husband enjoys maintaining his sophisticated look while grooming with simple- effective ingredients.  He uses the beard oil and the hair shine gloss to keep his facial hair looking smooth and neat.  I like the silky feel and best all the products are not greasy!  Try for yourself!” - Vivian Rush, 4/18


Works wonders!
”This oil really works to relieve my chronic pain. I use it daily and I won't go a day without it! I was able to get off of pain medications - I love that I can use a natural oil instead of constantly relying on pharmaceutical meds which have negative side effects. The Ouch be gone keeps me pain free and i can get up and keep moving to keep up with my family and young granddaughter! Certainly enhances my quality of life.”  - Ana Rivera, 4/19/18

Not greasy at all!
"I have been using Dviniti Flower Girl Clarifying Facial Oil for about 2 months now and I have to state that I love that though it is an oil, it is not greasy at all. It absorbs quickly into the skin. A little goes a long way. I typically use it after showering and appreciate the glow and softness I get from it. I also gives me peace of mind to FINALLY find a skin care product line that contains NATURAL ingredients which is a must for me."  - 
Jenny Reyes, 3/18/18
“I loveeeeeeee this product. The smell is great and it’s the only thing that keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day.”  - Torsha
Five stars for hydrating the skin!
”This product is amazing. If you’re searching for a product to deal with dry cracked skin, you must buy this product. One of the issues I had been using other moisturizers that I would come home at night and be ashy. This product keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized. When I come home at night I’m not ashy or dry.”  - Danielle


“I really can’t go back to what I was using before. I love the smooth, non oily, texture of G-Spot. It feels clean and natural.“  Ty Brannock, 5/14/18

“G-Spot body oil is amazing for massages. Whether you have a partner to massage the oil on or just yourself, either way you’ll be treated to a relaxing/calming and let’s not forget amazing smelling body oil that not only smells good but is good for your skin. Dry skin will be a thing of the past. No more ashy knees and elbows lol 😎”  - B. ParK, 4/26/18

Great men’s care line! Excellent beard & face oil.
“I recently purchased the Men's G-Spot Facial Beard Oil and was very pleased. I had been using the oil for about two weeks when I began to notice the skin tags/moles on my neck had disappeared. My skin is clearer and smoother, even my wife noticed! I have already placed a second order for the Men's G-Spot gift set. Thank you for such great products and keep doing what you do best!  Sincerely grateful, Ahmad Jamal”  3/16/18



Never disappointed.
"Always pleased, I love the lip balms that has replaced my chemical infused lip products. These balms are very moisturizing and gives off a natural glow on your skin. After putting on this balm you wouldn't be able to differentiate if it was a gloss. The significant difference is the natural ingredients, love it!"  - Adora Smith, 6/14/80

“It's so adorable and has a beautiful flower in the center. It is super moisturizing and gives my lips an extra (NATURAL) glow. Instead of putting other brands of lip balm on my lips that contain chemicals, I KNOW that I'm properly moisturizing my lips with an all natural brand and an all natural glow. What I love most? How compact it is! I can literally take it anywhere, just like chapstick.”

The body balm is just amazing!
“I use it on my rougher areas (hands, feet, elbows & knees). It gives it a healthy glow ALL DAY LONG. Again, I can't stress enough that this is ALL NATURAL and EXTREMELY HEALTHY for your skin!"  - Moriah Cunningham, 6/11/18



Not heavy like other products
"I entered a free giveaway raffle on Instagram and even though I didn't win the grand prize, DVINITI still sent me a sample and a generous discount code!!! I LOVE the feel on my skin and it keeps me moisturized and soft! It's not heavy like other products and absorbs very well. I can't wait to get my order! Thanks for the nice offer DVINITI!!!"  - Sasha J., 5/16/18

Excellent for dry skin.
"I love this body oil! Keeps my skin VERY soft and smooth. When I use it at night my skin is still moisturized by morning and I don't need to reapply. I love my new glow✨ I have been using flower girl since early March 2018 but I noticed the difference in my skin after just one use. Other moisturizers leave me feeling dry and pastey but flower girl is long lasting and my skin feels (and smell) so nice!!!  I was also impressed with the custom formula that was made for me- since I am allergic to lavender I needed a personalized blend for me without Lavender- DVINITI came up with a moisturizer perfect for me and got the fragrance and active ingredients right on the first try! The experience of learning the different properties of Ingredients and choosing what is best for me was a great learning experience and lots of fun! DVINITI put in the time to understand what I needed and designed a formula that I can say is ALL MINE!!! Such a rewarding experience- must try for yourself 😊"  - Sheila Coley, 4/25/18

“I use this oil on my face and it works great. I have dry skin that has a tendency to get oily patches when I fail to moisturize properly. I gave up using typical lotions because they cause me to breakout, but I have struggled finding an all natural moisturizer that works all day. This face oil is extremely lightweight in feel but keeps my face soft (but not greasy) all day. My red dryness and oily patches are going away and I have yet to breakout. Great product! Excited to keep using it."  - Emily, 3/24/18

“This product has changed my skin. I used to have to use a lot of concealer to even out my skin tone.  I no longer have to use so many products to hide the imperfections in my skin. I can allow my skin’s natural glow to speak for itself. The oil it easy spreading and quick absorbing so there isn’t an oily after feel. You can feel and see your skin change with regular usage and it smells amazing as well.  I can’t say how many people have asked me what I have changed in my skin routine since using the product. Definitely a game-changer.”  - K.Curle, Beauty Care Business Development Professional

“It has always been difficult for me to find the right products to use since i have sensitive skin. I also have rosy red cheeks and dry patches on my skin.  After using FLOWER GIRL i noticed the redness reduced significantly- i was in disbelief to be honest.  I am totally convinced that natural skin care is a must for me and my family now.  very grateful to have clean products i can pick from, take care of my skin with clean ingredients and actually see RESULTS!”  - Anonymous, 6/18