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Meet Marquita Robinson Garcia, a cosmetic chemist turned entrepreneur with a mission to bring personalized, sustainable skin care mainstream. Known as Philly's 'Mad Scientist Gone Good,' Marquita brings to you her extensive experience from the beauty industry. She spent over a decade developing products side by side with multinational brands such as Chanel®, NARS®, and bareMinerals®, gaining a deep understanding of personal care and cosmetic formulation. In 2018, she channeled her expertise into a greater cause and founded DVINITI Skin Care, Philadelphia's first all-natural brand offering personalized beauty care services.

In her recent book 'The Sustainable Beauty,' Marquita invites you to learn from her vast experience, empowering you to become an informed consumer and advocate for your own skin health.


Marquita Robinson Garcia

Marquita Robinson Garcia, Founder of DVINITI Skin Care
The Mad Scientist Gone Good

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 The Sustainable Beauty


Dear Reader,

I chose the name “DVINITI” to remind customers that despite how the media may have influenced their self-image, each of us is already beautiful (or handsome!), and the best way to enhance that beauty isn’t to spend a fortune trying every new product, but rather to use the resources given to us by the Earth.  Having worked extensively with both synthetic and natural ingredients, I can assure you that once you’ve found the ingredients best suited for your skin’s unique needs, natural products will always give you better results than the traditional products found on the mass market, and this isn’t just because our bodies prefer natural ingredients, but also because everyone’s skin is different.

Your skin doesn’t “fit in a box” so why should you expect to find the products that best meet its needs on the shelves of mass retailers?  Keep in mind that just like any other industry, personal care companies’ main objective is to maximize their sales by marketing a handful of products that work for the most people.  The trouble is, skin varies dramatically from one person to the next, so requires more customization than almost anything else we purchase. Please know that there’s no such thing as “problem skin,” just the problematic “one-size-fits-all” product selection we’re so accustomed to relying on even when it isn’t working for us.  DVINITI offers a solution for anyone who hasn’t been able to find an effective skin care regimen with traditional, mass-marketed products.


Marquita Robinson Garcia DVINITI skin care

My passion for science grew exponentially during my tenure as a beauty care chemist.  It was there that I developed an expertise for identifying the best raw materials and how to combine them in synergistic ways that would be successful on the consumer market.  Seeing my ideas come to life in the lab has always been enjoyable for me, but launching DVINITI has made the process incredibly rewarding, because now I can use my expertise to create personal, expert solutions that help individuals not being served by the marketplace.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who’ve turned to DVINITI for natural solutions for common skin concerns from acne, wrinkles, eczema, scars and hyper-pigmentation, to oily, dry and combination skin…and more!  Regardless of the challenge at hand, our goal is to help each client see incredible results without any chemicals that compromise your skin (or overall) health. Many of our formulas are 100% organic, and all of them use the bare minimum number of ingredients.  If we don't already have the solution for you, we can create one with you!

In order to best meet your needs, our website offers a free skin assessment quiz, which will identify the best products and ingredients for your skin.  Each customer has the option to select one of our existing formulas or to create his/her own custom blend—from key active ingredients to fragrance and texture.  And due to the popularity of our personal blend option, we will be opening our first retail location in Philadelphia, where expert skin technicians can provide even more personal attention, including a state-of-the-art digital scan.  We look forward to exploring the possibilities together and blending your custom formula fresh on-site!

 Skincare should be personal, simple and effective. Whether it’s in person or online, we will always emphasize the ‘care’ in ‘skincare’ by leading customers through the process.  Let DVINITI help you LEARN TO LOVE YOUR SKIN, reducing the urge to cover it up!