Customized Skin Care

Customized skin care 

Founded in 2018, DVINITI Skin Care is Philadelphia’s first all-natural brand to offer the personalized skin care and custom blends direct to clients. Additionally, DVINITI serves as an educational platform for individuals, families, and beauty professionals for learning to use plant-based, 100% natural products to maintain skin health.

That’s why at DVINITI Skin Care we provide a comprehensive skin care experience that begins with a high magnification skin analysis, facial map scan, and one-on-one consultation to create products designed just for YOU, one ingredient at a time! 

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Furthermore, we provide resources and guidance to ensure our growing community can continue to practice self-care at home to sustain their beauty and skin health.





Sustainable Beauty products and skin care


'The Sustainable Beauty' by renowned cosmetic chemist Marquita Robinson-Garcia is your comprehensive guide to the complex world of sustainable beauty products. This illuminating book exposes the leading brands in clean ingredient skincare and cosmetics, helping you take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

 Marquita takes readers beyond simple brand recommendations. She invites you to a journey of self-discovery, helping you understand your unique skincare needs and how to interpret cosmetic ingredients like a pro. This guide, accessible to beauty professionals and everyday consumers alike, bridges the gap between the science behind skincare products and your personal care needs.

Beyond being a product guide, 'The Sustainable Beauty' serves as an empowering self-help book. It inspires self-love and self-awareness, encouraging readers to focus on their needs and foster a loving self-image. Robinson-Garcia's engaging and thoughtful approach not only boosts self-esteem but guides readers to establish sustainable self-care practices enhancing their overall well-being—mind, body, and spirit.

'The Sustainable Beauty' is your must-have tool if you aim to nourish your skin and body with products that enhance your outer appearance and enrich skin health. It is a guide designed for everyone looking to develop a healthier relationship with their body by choosing skin care products that promote wellness and skin health. The book is uniquely formatted to help you discover your skincare needs, making you the focal point of the discussion around sustainability.