Sustainable Beauty: Natural Skin Care Products


The first step to maintaining sustainable beauty is to learn how to sustain your body! Learning to use plant-based, 100% natural products is essential to maintaining skin health. That’s why at DVINITI Skin Care we provide a comprehensive skin care experience that allows you to explore and discover the products and self-care practices that work for you! The Sustainable Beauty is the must have self-care guide that will teach you how to identify YOUR specific skin care needs and choose the products that are most suitable for YOU!



Marquita Robinson Garcia DVINITI skin care owner Philadelphia Natural skin care

Marquita Robinson Garcia
Founder of DVINITI Skin Care Personal Care & Cosmetic Chemist Philadelphia’s own “Mad Scientist Gone Good.”

Introducing Marquita Robinson Garcia as she reveals her entrepreneurial aspiration to present the world of beauty with a personalized touch. As a Personal Care and Cosmetic Formulator, Robinson Garcia trained and worked professionally in the beauty industry for major chemical suppliers designing skin care products for global brands including Chanel®, NARS® and bareMinerals®. After transitioning from the lab to business development, she left her management role in 2017 after over a decade of corporate success with a mission to launch her own natural skin care line with a major focus on customization.

Founded in 2018, the DVINITI Skin Care is Philadelphia’s first all-natural skin care brand to enter the personalized beauty space. Additionally, DVINITI is positioned to serve as the global educational platform for consumers and professional service providers in the beauty and wellness industries.


About the book
Releasing Summer 2022, The Sustainable Beauty will help consumers and families develop a better relationship with their skin. Readers will gain insight about cosmetics from the perspective of a chemist and learn to analyze brands and develop a strategy for choosing what products are best for their skin. Click to order your copy today!