#1 Aquaburst Foaming Cleanser

  Step #1:  AQUABURST Foaming Cleanser Aquaburst foaming cleanser (6oz) is formulated to cleanse, wash away oils and dirt, and refresh the skin. This gentle cleanser is designed to remove dirt... Learn More


#2 Hydrating toner and serum

Step #2: HYDRATING TONER AND SERUM 2oz glass dropper bottleFormulated to detox your pores and and visibly improve the smoothness of your skin by hydrating with hyaluronic acid. This lightweight toner and serum... Learn More


#3 Clarifying Facial Oil: FLOWER-GIRL

Step #3: CLARIFYING FACIAL OIL: FLOWER-GIRL Description: Formulated for the oily and combination beauties. Use this oil to help soften skin texture and reduce the appearance of blemishes to naturally attack... Learn More



#4 Nourishing Vitamin E Serum

#4 Nourishing Vitamin E Serum

Step #4: NOURISHING VITAMIN E (seal in hydration and moisture) Description: Formulated to To minimize the appearance of scars and marks on the body or face. The perfect moisturizer for ALL... Learn More



#5 Conditioning FLOWER GIRL Lip Balm

Step #5: CONDITIONING LIP BALM Formulated to moisturize and condition, this formula leaves your lips feeling supple and smooth with a glossy finish. Accented with a rose bud centerpiece, the... Learn More


BITE ME NOT! Seasonal Moisturizer to Keep Insects Away!

  BITE ME NOT! SEASONAL MOISTURIZER TO KEEP INSECTS AWAY! Description:  A natural oil blend made to repel bugs, insects, gnats and mosquitoes from coming in contact with your skin. ... Learn More