#1 Aquaburst Foaming Cleanser

Directions: Use as needed to remove oils, dirt and debris from the face and neck area. Ingredients: Castile Soap, Glycerin, Water, Tree tree, Juniper, Pine, Lavender, Geranium. 6oz Learn More



#2 Hydrating toner and serum

Directions: Apply a few drops on clean damp skin. Best used with the FLOWER GIRL Clarifying facial oil.    Formulated to deep clean your pores and create the appearance of... Learn More


#3 Clarifying Facial Oil: FLOWER-GIRL

Formulated for combination, oily and acne-prone skin, this weightless serum optimizes skin’s tone, texture, and moisture levels while clearing blemishes and preventing future breakouts.  This special blend contains nature’s best... Learn More



#4 Nourishing Vitamin E Serum

#4 Nourishing Vitamin E Serum

Directions: Use on clean damp skin once or twice daily to condition and nourish skin for an even complexion and skin tone. To minimize the appearance of scars and marks on the body or... Learn More



#5 Conditioning FLOWER GIRL Lip Balm

#5 Conditioning FLOWER GIRL Lip Balm

Directions: Apply a small, even amount to the lips and gently massage. Use as needed.    Formulated to moisturize and condition, this formula leaves your lips feeling supple and smooth... Learn More



BITE ME NOT! Seasonal Moisturizer to Keep Insects Away!

  Directions: Apply to exposed skin before going outdoors. Use as needed, or every 2-4 hours.    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this all natural oil blend... Learn More