FLOWER-GIRL Women's Face & Body Care

Clarifying Facial Oil: FLOWER-GIRL

For clear skin free from acne, bumps, breakouts and dark marks look to DVINITI's FLOWER-GIRL Clarifying Facial Oil.  This weightless, oil-silk glides onto your skin to illuminate your natural glow... Learn More


Face & Body Oil for women: FLOWER-GIRL

Instantly banish dry, flaky skin for glowing, smooth, softer feeling skin after just ONE use of FLOWER-GIRL Face & Body Oil!  Say goodbye to scaly, pasty looking skin and welcome your youthful FLOWER... Learn More



Lip Balm & Conditioner: FLOWER GIRL

Lip Balm & Conditioner: FLOWER GIRL

The DVINITI Lip Glow is an all natural lip balm that conditions, moisturizes and adds a beautiful GLOW to your lips! The DVINITI Lip Glow comes in a white container... Learn More




The DVINITI Skin Care Body Melts are all natural moisturizers that condition, moisturize and soften the skin!  Enjoy the benefits the all-natural DVINITI oils in a richer, creamier formula that melts and glides... Learn More


Face & Body Oil Package for Women: FLOWER GIRL

Face & Body Oil Package for Women: FLOWER GIRL

Imagine a more youthful, luminous, smoother skin tone to highlight your natural radiance. The FLOWER-GIRL moisturizers can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and minimize pore-size for visibly fresher looking skin. The... Learn More



CLOUD-9 Calming Moisturizer

CLOUD-9 Calming Moisturizer

This all natural oil blend will ease your mind, body and spirit as you drift into a coma-like sleep.  Before bed, massage yourself with CLOUD-9 Body Oil (also available in... Learn More



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