“Creating beauty products and seeing my ideas come to life in the lab is truly a rewarding experience that never grows old!  My passion for science grew exponentially during my tenure as a beauty care chemist and formulator for a multinational chemical manufacturer. It was there that I learned to design products professionally and developed an expertise for identifying raw material ingredients to create stable products that would ultimately go to the consumer market.  I subsequently worked as a business development professional in the personal care industry and advised global beauty brands on ways to formulate, promoted the latest beauty care technology and chemistry and supported their sourcing of raw materials. DVINITI Skin Care products are designed applying that same level of expertise I learned as a professional and leader in the beauty care industry!  DVINITI sources natural ingredients and develops synergistic blends to address common skin concerns like acne, eczema, scars, oily, dry and combination skin using pure raw materials with your skin health and overall wellness in mind. The formulas are simple - with the least number of ingredients needed to make an effective product. DVINITI packaging is lightweight and travel size making the products perfect for when you're on the go!  The logos are classic black and white with a pop of color - the magic of DVINITI is inside the bottle!

In addition to a natural skin care line, DVINITI will create Design Studio and offer the extra added service of personalizing your very own skin care products. With DVINITI you will LEARN TO LOVE YOUR SKIN - reducing the urge to cover it up.   We will invite each and every customer of DVINITI to join the creative process of customizing your products - from fragrance, to texture, to key active ingredients- we will be able to explore the possibilities together to service your needs and make them fresh on site.  Mass manufactured skin and beauty care products are not formulated to address the specific needs of every individual. At DVINITI, we recognize the growing demand for customization and will pave the way to the future of beauty care. If we don't already have the solution for you, we can create one with you!

DVINITI provides a way to share my knowledge of chemistry while delighting in the exciting world of skin and beauty care! I can give back to communities and encourage a healthy sense of beauty and confidence while promoting education and science in a fun learning environment!  I strongly urge you to join us in the mission to INFORM-EMPOWER-CREATE with DVINITI Skin Care and we look forward to exploring skin care solutions with you!”


Marquita Robinson Garcia, Founder of DVINITI Skin Care


To provide plant based, naturally derived skin care that nourishes your skin for daily, routine maintenance to improve skin health and appearance.


INFORM and educate consumers of the science of personal care to EMPOWER them to make appropriate selections and CREATE those solutions for themselves.  Ultimately creating a customer base that has the confidence to identify their skin care needs and not be misled by “hyper-idealized” beauty campaigns.



DVINITI Skin Care (“DVINITI”) is a private-label skin care brand based in Philadelphia, PA that offers simple and effective skin care products via direct and online selling channels.  All formulas are made with natural plant, nut or seed oils infused with plant botanicals and essences as active ingredients.  DVINITI ingredient listings are short - less than 10 materials - meeting the consumer demand for products of minimal composition, easy to interpret, traceable, biodegradable and holistic.  DVINITI also provides professional services for salons and spas, including consulting, personal care (“PC”) industry training, networking, formulation design and small scale (500g - 2,000g batch size) contract manufacturing.

    DVINITI strives to provide simple and effective skin care solutions for customers.  We will reveal the mysteries of the personal care (skin care) industry and educate members and customers- enabling our clients to make educated choices for their personal skin care needs.  DVINITI Skin Care invites each patron to experience the process of product development - from concept to formulation design & testing to finished good.  We will inspire our community to delight in the science and chemistry of the beauty care world and show what it really takes to develop and market a skin care product.  DVINITI Skin Care, pioneers in the effort of developing a consumer studio lab, we invite you to join us on our journey to explore the wonders of chemistry and find joy in customized skin care options that meet your needs.  


    Consumers continually demand solutions for common skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, eczema and loose skin. Often time retail brands do not offer tailored solutions for individual needs.  DVINITI will provide the service to allow customers to design their beauty care products in a DVINITI Studio Lab and learn more about the individual chemicals and ingredients that make up the products they use everyday.  The DVINITI Design Studios will allow customers to safely explore the formulation process and create their own skin care products (beauty care solutions to be offered in the near future!). DVINITI Design Studios highlight the cross point of art and chemistry for a new business concept- fostering beauty care products that are truly inspired by each and every customer. DVINITI also promotes a private label brand selling products via the website and on-line storefront.