The Sustainable Beauty


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  The Sustainable Beauty Want to learn more about sustainable beauty products to complete your sustainable living and lifestyle goals? What are the best sustainable beauty brands leading the clean ingredient skin...


The Sustainable Beauty

Want to learn more about sustainable beauty products to complete your sustainable living and lifestyle goals? What are the best sustainable beauty brands leading the clean ingredient skin care and cosmetic trends? Do you know which sustainable beauty trends you can easily add to your skin care routine to enhance your overall wellness and improve your skins’ appearance? 

The Sustainable Beauty is the best product and self-care guide that answers all your questions about skin care and how to develop a personal skin care routine just for you! Written by cosmetic chemist, Marquita Robinson Garcia aka The Mad Scientist Gone Good, The Sustainable Beauty will become your companion and trusted reference to help you bridge the gap to personalized skin care and sustainable beauty products!

Learning how to interpret ingredient listings and discern which skin care products and cosmetics will work for your skin can be daunting and challenging. Unless you are a trained cosmetic chemist, navigating retail cosmetics and skin care products is confusing due to many exaggerated  marketing claims and misleading performance claims about products on store shelves.

This is exactly why The Sustainable Beauty is a must have for every household and beauty enthusiast! Written in easy to understand language this guide is a tool for beauty professionals, consumers, and families to learn more about the science behind skin care products and cosmetics to bridge the gap to discover the most sustainable beauty products for their skin.

Moreover, The Sustainable Beauty is an inspiring self-love and self-help book that motivates readers to become more self-aware of what their body and skin care needs are. While reading The Sustainable Beauty readers are encouraged to focus undivided attention on their needs and to develop a loving mindset and self-image. Engaging and thought provoking, this book will boost your self-esteem and confidence to ultimately guide you to develop sustainable self-care practices to enhance your entire being, mind, body, and spirit.

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“Your skin is your body’s largest organ, functioning as a defense mechanism to preserve and protect you from the external environment. Performing vital functions of the body, skin health is essential to your survival and overall well-being. Modern consumers use mainstream, retail cosmetics as if they are benign, everyday essentials, overlooking their composition and ingredients. Many are unaware of the degree to which mainstream cosmetics and personal care products may impact their health. When caring for your skin, it’s imperative to choose products that will enhance your outer appearance while enriching your skin health. Since the 1930s, tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals—some undisclosed modifiers—have been formulated into personal care products.

Many households have been exposed to novel chemicals “without full transparency of the hazards associated with using personal care. You should find this unnerving. It definitely alarms me and is the primary reason to research the contents of personal care products and cosmetics with more scrutiny and attention. Personalized skin care is the missing piece that completes a healthy lifestyle and brings self-care full circle with the goal to feel and look beautiful. As natural products make a come back, thorough ingredient evaluation prior to purchasing is a necessary practice that will empower you as a consumer to preserve and sustain your skin health and beauty. As you develop chemical awareness and fluency, you will learn to verify the quality of the products you purchase and minimize the need to trust brands that promote products that could pose a threat to your overall health and well-being. Most personal care and beauty industry guides are published for professional  chemists, marketers, and sales teams to help brands understand consumer behavior. Those industry resources provide information and trend updates that help brands develop campaigns to entice consumer spending and foster brand loyalty. This guide, however, is the resource created for consumers that will furthertheir knowledge of cosmetic chemistry and personal care. "

Excerpt From
The Sustainable Beauty
Marquita Robinson Garcia

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