Many people have asked me about my skin care routine and how I keep my skin so clear and healthy.  First, I will start by saying thank you to all those who inquired and for the lovely compliments.  Skin Care is a multi-billion dollar business.  There are so many companies out there that will tell you they have the magic potion to instantly give you brighter skin and keep you looking forever young.  We all know that although there are many things in the world that can help you to age gracefully, nothing can stop time and prevent the aging process altogether.  What I will say to you my dear reader is this:  Your skin will look and feel lovely if you give it LOVE with natural ingredients!
It could be drinking lots of water in place of a soda everyday.  It could be absorbing the right essential nutrients instead of eating over processed foods that we all know can have negative impacts on our health.  You can also love your skin with all natural products like those made by DVINITI SKIN CARE.  I discovered DVINITI while attending a conference in PA where DVINITI is based.  The founder, Marquita Robinson Garcia, of the skin care line and I attended undergrad together and through conversation I learned that she owns her own natural skin care line.  I was curious to learn more as I am a strong advocate for natural skin care, especially since I travel often.  
DVINITI SKIN CARE sources natural ingredients and develops synergistic blends to address common skin care concerns like acne, eczema, scars, oily, dry and combination skin types using pure raw materials to enhance your skin health and overall wellness.  The formulas are simple using the least number of ingredients needed to make an effective product.  DVINITI packaging is light weight and travel-sized making the product perfect for when you're on the go!
When I travel, which is often as a professional flight attendant, I prefer to keep my daily skin care routine to natural oils and lotions that will help prevent breakouts.  Different climates and traveling constantly can have a huge impact on your skin.  Because I have sensitive skin, I am very discipline with my skin care routine.  After giving DVINITI a try, I was hooked to the FLOWER-GIRL collection!  The flower girl oils, body melt and the ouch be gone soothing oils are my favorite products to pack and carry wit me when I travel!  Discovering DVINITI SKIN CARE has truly put my life at ease.  I save time on making my own products before trips and I no longer go through the hassle of finding the proper packaging for my luggage to ensure it doesn't spill.  DVINITI has not only managed to help keep my skin glowing and radiant, it also has truly helped me to love my skin while saving me valuable time.
I wanted to share this product line because I know so many struggle with some of the same issues.  Having sensitive skin and managing breakouts can cause in low self-esteem.  I stand by DVINITI 100%.  These oils and bod melts have done wonders for my skin.  My skin glows radiantly and feels incredibly soft.  My skin is protected from unwanted breakouts and acne.  My DVINITI flower girl collection smells amazing and luxurious and prices for products are very reasonable.
When something is beneficial and you know from experience it could help someone else, I believe we owe it to one another to share.  DVINITI has done incredible wonders for me and I want you to experience the natural ingredients in DVINITI that will make your skin feel loved and cared for - to reveal your true beauty and skin glow!  I am proud to say I am a flower girl and I invite you to join the natural skin care movement with me and DVINITI SKIN CARE!
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