This guide does not shun chemical innovation and synthetic byproducts. Instead, it advocates that we consciously manage chemical usage to ensure existing and newly synthesized compounds are compatible with human biological systems. If we self-govern our decisions with the highest standards in mind, we simultaneously derive conscience solutions that balance with our ecological environment. We will touch on how science influences skin care, cosmetics, and the like. Not to denounce synthetic goods altogether, but to propose we more carefully consider the risks of overuse and misuse in our households.
This will help us to confidently proceed with choosing non-violent forms of personal care to preserve and edify our bodies. While I promote creating personalized, plant-based skin care, I also know there are times when one would prefer to use retail products that are not natural. Some products are fun and beauty enthusiasts of the world enjoy sharing and learning about new products as the industry grows. I am not here to stand in the way of your beloved beauty brands. To the contrary, I hope to bridge the gap between the multi-billion dollar global industry and you. Social media platforms connect brands to consumers now more than ever before. As you learn how to identify your needs you will be able to communicate those desires from a more informed perspective and demand higher quality goods.
Men, women, and children everywhere will benefit from “The Sustainable Beauty” by learning proper skin care maintenance. Makeup artists, barbers, hair stylists, estheticians, and personal care service professionals can reference this guide to complement their knowledge and encourage their clients to be more conscious consumers. “The Sustainable Beauty” is uniquely formatted to help you discover your skin care needs, making YOU the focal point of the discussion around sustainability. It’s a must-have for anyone with skin!
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Embedded throughout the book, you will be able to scan QR Codes with references for additional reading and sharing capabilities. I wanted to make it as convenient as possible to engage with your inner circle in a creative, informative way. Don’t continue following industry standards wearing blindfolds. Each of us is moved by the actions of others. As you progress and become more aware of your actions, share your experiences with that in mind. Now is the time to begin putting into practice your self-care to employ mind, body and spiritual connection. Your skin will reward you later!